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Brain Inside Team never gives up!

4 years ago we had a dream - to change status quo via colouring the world of passion. We believe that your passion has it's own energy and it's own colours. And your true colours sholud be visible at the first glimpse :)

Our brand gathers community of people, who want to change something, express themselves, have an influence - and that attitude is visible through Brain Inside products.

Our proposition for summer is: custom-made t-shirts, tank tops and dresses - they guarantee unique self-expression :)

For winter we create: custom-made beanies, gloves, infinity-scarfs - they are very warm and they attract adventures :P

All products are HAMDMADE, here, in Poland.
They are made by people who love sewing and tailoring.
They are worn by passionate and energetic people all over the world.

That's why we give you so much options:
- if you don't have your own idea - our designs or
- if you're creative - webcreator where you can create your own design with shapes and colours

We believe that people are the biggest power!

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Agata Wojtczak


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